Frequently Asked Questions


Simple. It's like ‘rocky' except with a ‘p'. The name, Pocky, was inspired by the Japanese onomatopoeia for the snapping sound made while eating Pocky sticks.

Pocky does not contain peanuts (except for some seasonal flavors from Japan), but they are manufactured in a facility that uses peanuts and almonds. We strongly recommend that you confirm the allergen and ingredient information on our product page. Also, allergen and cross-contamination details are on the back of all Pocky packages.

Pocky does not use any ingredients derived from animals except for the whole milk powder and lactose used in the product.

The lecithin we use in our product is derived from soybeans. 

Pocky does not contain any alcohol even though ‘chocolate liquor’ is one of the ingredients in Pocky Chocolate. Chocolate liquor is made by grinding the nib or meat of the cocoa bean, and it is a thick, gritty, dark and brown paste that liquefies when heated. Chocolate liquor is comprised of about half cocoa butter and half cocoa solids and does not contain any alcohol.

Unfortunately, Pocky is not Kosher at this moment. As we continuously strive to meet our customers’ demands, we recommend checking back on our website for future product updates.

Unfortunately, Pocky is not gluten-free at this moment. As we continuously strive to meet our customers’ demands, we recommend checking back on our website for future product updates.

Pocky has a 12-month shelf life after production. You can find the best by date printed on the bottom on every package.

The white color appears when chocolate has ‘bloomed'. Blooming happens when chocolate is exposed to warm temperatures and begins to melt. Once cooled down, the chocolate hardens again, however, it changes to a light white color. Even though the chocolate goes through the blooming process, the product itself is still edible. We recommend disposing of the product if you think it is not edible.

If you open your box of Pocky and the sticks have melted together, please send us an email here, and we will be in contact shortly. We might request some images of the product and information so please keep the product and purchase receipt for confirmation.

We recommend that Pocky is stored in a cool and dry place to ensure its taste and quality.

Where To Buy

You can find Pocky at Asian grocery stores, Walmart, Target, Kroger (all banner stores), Safeway, Costco and other US grocery stores (more to come!) in the Asian/International section. Also, please use our product locator to find a store that carries Pocky near you. We recommend calling in advance to make sure the flavor that you are looking for is in stock. We are continuing to expand to more retailers so anyone can find Pocky easily at their local store!

Unfortunately, we do not offer coupons or product samples at this moment. We encourage you to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to find out the latest promotion news for future giveaways.


Please reach out to us here and we will connect you to our sales team, although we do have MOQs for a direct account, we can introduce you to our distributors if necessary. Also, click here for our Pocky product lineup sheet.

Please reach out to us here, and we will direct your email to our International Division. Unfortunately, if we don’t have a global office in a particular country, we will not be able to distribute our products there.

Sponsorship/ Donations

Thank you for considering us to be a sponsor for your event. Please reach out to us here with the event details for our consideration. Please note that not all sponsorship requests can be met.

Depending on the purpose of the donation, we can provide Pocky as donations. Please reach out to us here with the donation purpose for our consideration. Please note that we will not fulfill all donation requests.


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We are sorry that you cannot find the answer to your question. We are more than happy to answer any question that you might have, so please reach us here!

Thank you for taking the time to submit your inquiry. We will reply within 48 hours except for weekends and US national holidays.